Sunrise Beach. Three brothers and a band name that evokes fear and anger among those who don’t like beaches or sunrises. Ah, now you know why we chose the name. But before you label us populist, bear in mind that the name could refer to a sunrise dripping in blood, and a hideous leviathan from the deep cast upon a storm-ravaged beach. Anyway, Sunrise Beach is a band and we take no prisoners, because you have to feed them and watch them all the time. Our genre is “No Prisoner Indie Ro’n’Ro”. Not quite Rock’n’Roll but we’re getting there. We’re known as the “three and a half brothers”. No idea why, but as sure as night follows a fleeing suspect that’s the chant that starts up the day after our concerts. “3½ brothers! 3½ brothers!”

Our pre-concert routine is invariable. We have a seitan steak and fries, washed down with a wheat grass shot. We then stand silently together and think of all the great Rock’n’Roll legends who came before us but are now dead. It’s meant to be an inspiring ritual but always leaves us depressed and fearful. We’re fine once we start playing. Usually there’ll be a lone fan who tries to start the 3½ brothers chant, but they’re always beaten to the ground and told in no uncertain terms that it doesn’t start till tomorrow.

The question we’re most asked by interviewers is “why don’t you have a drummer?” which is a question we can’t answer so we reply “why don’t you?” which seems to satisfy most of them. One reviewer called our answer “brilliant wit” but it emerged later he’d gone to the wrong news conference where he thought he’d been interviewing Kanye West. He did briefly wonder why Kanye was now white and split into 3½  but accepted it as part of his genius.

Well we’re back on the road tomorrow, and probably playing in a city near you, especially if you live near San Diego.