Tidal Romance

Sunrise Beach


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  1. Tidal Romance -:-- / 3:58

Lost in the flavour down hyacinth way
Faded vermilion, a twilight soufflé
Oblique charisma, confetti day
Avuncular fencepost, Edwardian grey

Now and then, like treasure spread across my table
Leaves of gold, from the page of ancient fable

And tidal romances surprise me
The touch of your hand oh so lightly
The shape of the night not so frightening
We say that we won’t pretend
We swear that we’ll make amends
And vestals in silvery grey
Hold candles whose light never sways

Tangent of plenty, template inlaid
Bashful exuberance, an artless charade
Wrenching suffusion through cobaltic panes
Restful exclaim in ambrosial frames