They write the type of music that has heartfelt lyrics, memorable melodies and a textured wall of sound… It all coalesces to become an engaging pop production – the type of song that feels like it not only is the retroactive soundtrack to your own memories but the song you tuck away in your mind to be brought out when the latest adventure comes into your life.”

— My Fizzy Pop

The real question is what this music is about — smack, meth, deviate sex and drugdreams, or something deeper?”

— Lester Bangs (describing The Velvet Underground, but also Sunrise Beach, prolly)

Sunrise Beach are a band of three brothers who recently relocated to Toronto, Canada. Hailing from New Zealand originally, they have been living in Australia for a number of years now. The small beach side town they were living in proved conducive to creating and writing (with a little bit of surfing on the side), and they have built up a large repertoire of original music – a live set of 21 completed songs, and many more songs lined up to be finished. They have played shows on the Sunshine Coast, in Brisbane, and in Melbourne, and are now looking forward to bringing their songs and their distinctive live set to North American audiences.

Disclaimer: Sunrise Beach have never been reviewed by Lester Bangs

Anand Chalmers – Guitars, Beats

Bharat Chalmers – Vocals, Piano

Dhyan Chalmers – Vocals, Bass